Here is some of our best content to get started with Run•2 Rounds8 Push Ups8 V Ups•200m Run•2 Rounds8 seated press8 box jumpsSkill PrepEMOM X 81) 3 Clean High Pull + 3 Muscle Clean + 3 Strict Press2) 3 Power clean with hold on last rep for :03 + 3...
read more Navy Seal Burpees10 Calorie Row15 Wall Balls20 Russian Twists with Wall BallAerobic Capacity5 Rounds
1) Kettlebell Swing (Russian) (15 Seconds)

2) Good Morning w/PVC (45 Seconds)StrengthEvery :90 sec for 9 minutes (3 sets) of:Station 1 – Sumo Deadlift x 5Station 2...
read more Alt DB Snatches5 Burpees over DB10 V-ups + 10 Tuck ups + 10 Sit-upsOlympic prep5 min to perform:2 sets:PVC over and backs x 10band pull-apart x 10 *over and under gripexternal shoulders rotations x 10/ sideSkill PrepEMOM X 81)...
read more Strict Handstand Push Ups4 Strict Pull Ups20 Sit Ups200M RunAerobic Capacity5 Rounds
1) Pull-up (Strict) (15 Seconds)

2) Pull Over w/PVC (from floor) (45 Seconds)WODFor time:400 Meter Runimmediately followed by…3 rounds of:4 Strict Supinated-Grip Pull-Ups8 Ring Dips or Stationary Dips12 Burpeesimmediately...
read more Kettlebell Swings6 Goblet Squats30 Double UndersAerobic Capacity5 Rounds
1) Burpee (12 Seconds)

2) Toe Touch (From Standing) (48 Seconds)Strength Prep2X3 Kang Squats3 Jumping Squats3 Reverse Lunges/sideBack Squat Heavy SingleSpend 15 min finding todays Back Squat for a heavy single. *RPE 9WODComplete...
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222Five rounds for time of:12/9 Calories of Assault Bike12 Goblet Squats24 V-UpsComplete as many rounds and reps as possible in 12 minutes of:3 Dumbbell Beast-Makers (55/35 lbs)6 Strict Pull-Ups9 Burpees
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WarmupTabata x 2 sets each of:(20 seconds work followed by 10 seconds rest = 1 set)– Single-Arm Plank– Alternating Lateral Lunges– Side Plank– Air Squats– Hollow Hold or Rock– Plank Shoulder Taps– V-Ups– Mountain ClimbersWODComplete as many rounds and reps...
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Risk Free - 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed rep of the chest tap burpee:2 chest taps + 1 burpee•10-10-10High knees10-10-10Butt kickers10-10-10Tuck ups10-10-10Chest taps burpeesAerobic Capacity5 Rounds
:1) Double Unders (20 Seconds)

2) Standing Calf Raise Hold (20 Seconds)

3) Calf Raises (20 Seconds)Skill PrepWith empty bar, dumbbells or kettlebells:10 Strict...
read more jumpEx: 1 burpee + 2 jumping lunges + 1 jumping squat.•EMOM X 6Odd: 5 jumpEx burpees.Even: 30 flutter kicksAerobic Capacity5 Rounds
:1) Mountain Climber (10 Seconds)

2) Plank Hold (20 Seconds)

3) Plank Jump-In (30 Seconds)Aerobic Capacity5 Rounds
:1) Deadlift (12 Seconds)
2) Hold...
read more minute amrap16 kb swings8 kb thrusters•1 min rest•2 Minute amrap16 push ups8 kb snatches•1 min rest•2 minute amrap16 tuck ups8 sit ups•1 minute restSkill PrepWith empty bar:10 Strict Press + 10 Back SquatsRest 15 seconds5 Muscle Snatch + 5...
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