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We’ve Got Flex Appeal
Check out our daily WODs..
Warmup (Time CAP: 10 min)
2 sets
1. Cardio 60sec – Bike/Row/Run/Ski

2. Squat Complex
-Russian Babymaker x 5

-Squat Thoracic Rotation x 5/side

-Squat Hip Rotations x 5 (In + Out = 1)

– Lateral Duck Walk x 10m

3. Band Lat Pullover x 10 reps with 2-3 sec hold.

Squat warmup
Pre Fatigue – Barbell Complex

2 Sets
3 Kang Squat
3 Back Rack Forward Lunges Right
3 Back Rack Forward Lunges Left
3 Good Mornings

rest 90-120sec between sets

Week 3: Long Pause Back Squat
Back Squat @ 33X1 x 3 Reps
rest 2-3mins between sets

*Working Set
#1 – 7/10 RPE
#2 – 7/10 RPE
#3 – 8/10 RPE
#3 – 8/10 RPE

Progression Note – This 6-week back squat cycle is all about building strong positions and strength at the bottom of the squat through the use of pauses. Make sure you stick to your tempos every week.
Weeks 1-3 and weeks 4-6 have slightly different tempos. The reps will get lower and pause shorter as we progress each week. This will leave you a chance to lift heavier each set.

3 Sets

10 KBS 70/53lbs
10 Burpee Over Rower
Row 300/240m @ 90-95%
rest walk 2-3mins

Cash Out
3 Sets
1. Plate Loaded Box Pistol; 31X1; 3-5/leg
rest 15sec
2. Goblet Single Leg Wall Sit 20sec/leg
rest 90-120sec and back to 1

Back Extension
2 x 10
Work at a moderately challenging weight in Week 1 or just bodyweight. Target 2.5kg – 5kg increase / week.

Superset the following exercises for 2 sets. Rest 60 seconds between sets.

+ Core Finisher

Medicine Ball “Same Arm, Same Leg” Deadbug
2 x 10
Work at a moderately challenging weight in Week 1. Perform 10 reps per side per set. Target 5lb increase / week.

Tall Bird Dog
2 x 30 s
Hold for 30 seconds on each side per set.

1) Cat Cow x 10 with 2-3 sec hold in each position.
*Progress to segmented cat cow if possible.

2) Sidelying Thoracic Rotation with Reach x 5/side with a 10-sec hold.
*Keep knee pinned to the foam roller. You can also keep knees pinched together at 90 degrees if no foam roller.

3) Seated Pike Stretch x 1 min
*Pull the torso to the legs.

4) Pancake Stretch x 1 min over L Leg, 1 min over R leg, 1 min over Center.
*Elevate the butt if necessary to increase stretch sensation.

No Yoga today

No Yoga today

10:00am Community Class
10:00 am
Warm Up
1) 200m Pec Stick & Kettlebell Carry
Focus on fieeling the entire pec engage, along with the short head of the bicep and tricep and likely the external obliques as well. Keep a slight forward lean and let the weight pull you into your next step.

2) Sled Drag & Row (you row the sled underhand with each pull)

2-3 sets of 20m as heavy as possible. Rest as needed between sets.

Sandbag Front Rack Carry & Sandbag Presses
50m Front Rack Carry – every 50m perform a max effort set of presses with the bag. (minimum of ~8 reps)

Rest as needed

Sandbag Front Rack Carry:
Squeeze firmly into the bag with the heel of your hands, push your obliques out, and imagine someone is about to punch you in the kidneys with each step. Keep a smooth breathing rhythm and try to adjust it as
you feel your mental state get more agitated.

Keep squeezing the bag and press within your range of motion. Inhale through the nose as you lower the weight and exhale through pursed lips as you drive it up. Go for max effort on each set

Task 2

1) Ring Bicep Curl

2) Ring Scull Crusher

3) Goblet Loaded Wall Sit

Sandbag Carry
Two teams: Sandbag Carry Medley (try and get 5 carries per round)

Rest as needed between rounds.

Line up every sandbag you have at one end of the gym. Carry them to the other end of the gym from
lightest to heaviest as fast as you can.

12 min AMRAP

6 Box jumps
9 T2B
12 Slam Balls

Warmup (7min Cap)
2 sets
1. Cardio 60sec – Bike/Row/Run/Ski/Sled Option

2. Shinbox Complex
-Shinbox Thoracic Rotation x 5/side
-Shinbox Goodmorning x 5/side

3. Passive Hang x 30-60 sec

*Shinbox Complex; Perform all 5 reps on one side of the thoracic rotation before moving to the next. For the good morning, you will switch back and forth between sides, as demonstrated in the video. Try to keep the low back in an arch position as you lean forward over the front leg.


Olympic Prep (5min Cap)
With empty bar:

5 Deadlift, 5 Bent-Over Rows, 5 Strict Press
5 Hang Power Clean, 5 Front Squat
5 Split Jerk, 10 Alternating Reverse Lunges w/ Bar Overhead (or front rack if OH is an issue)
5 Good Mornings, 5 Jumping Squats

Speed Strength & Skill
Every 3mins x 4

Power Clean (quickly reset between each rep)

Working Set 1 – RPE 7/10
Working Set 2 – RPE 7/10
Working Set 3 – RPE 8/10
Working Set 4 – RPE 8/10

Week 2: Push Jerk (E2min X 4)
Pause Power Jerk; 3,3,3,3;

Hold 2sec in Dip and 2sec Overhead on every rep

Progression Note – We will spend the first 3 weeks honing your positions with Pause Power Jerks. These will allow you to focus on your dip positions and catch positions in the lift. In the final 3 weeks, we will remove the pause on the route to building up to a heavy single during benchmark week.

3 Sets

10 Hang Power Clean 115/85lbs
5 Burpee Box Jump Over 24/20″
Bike 600/480m @ 90-95%

rest walk 2-3mins

Cash Out
1. Every 90sec x 4 Sets
Strict Press 10 reps @ 10X1

Progression Note – For the first 3 weeks, expect higher volume sets of Presses. There are no pauses at the shoulder on these reps. Keep the bar moving fast. You may very well have to lower weight after the first couple of sets to hit the correct rep range on the final sets. It is OK to start with a tough weight on the first set and lighten up as you go.

3 sets:

i. Weighted or BW Strict Dips @ 20X0 x 6-8reps

ii. Supinated Strict Pull ups 10-12 reps

Cash Out (Core)
Superset for 2 sets. Rest 60 seconds between sets

Barbell Roll Outs
2 x 10
Work at a moderately challenging weight. Target 5kg (11#) increase / week.

Hanging Leg Raise + Max ISO Hold
2 x 10
Keeping your legs straight perform 10 controlled reps then on your last rep hold for a Max Isometric Hold!

*On all stretches. FOCUS, breathe deep, exhale slowly and sink into the stretch. I am sure the first 15-30 sec of the stretch will require some fidgeting, but once you find a good spot relax deeply.

1) Butterfly or Wtd Butterfly x 2 min
*Minimize rounding through the low back. Optional to support the back from a wall.
2) T Spine Can Opener x 2 min
*Allow the shoulders to rotate naturally and attempt to extend through the thoracic spine as much as possible.
3) Middle Split x 2 min
*Use hands on floor or elevated object to support yourself.
4) Shinbox Hip ER Stretch x 1 min/side
*Hinge from the hip, but maintain the arch in your low back to maximize stretch through the glutes.


6AM class will be open gym format today.

300m Run

Then perform 10-15 meters of each of the following movements:

– Jefferson Curl Into Inch Worm

– Spider Man Crawling

– Straddle Compressing Slides

– Arabesque with Rotation

– Crab Walk

Accumulate 12 Negative Pull Ups with 3 sec count from the top to bottom

– rest 2 min –

4 sets
:15 sec of max effort Strict Pull Ups

30 sec rest between each set

6 sets: (15 sec work, 15 sec rest)
Straight Arm Block Drill


6 sets: (15 sec rest, 15 sec work)
Arch Snap to Pike Hold

3-5 sets: BMU 3 Position Box Drill

* 2 lat hollow holds
* 2 hollow jumps (hollow lat pulldown)
* 2 pull AROUND into support

WOD (Time CAP *18 min)
Run 400m
30 Wall Balls
30 Body Rows
30m KB Farmers Carry 53/35lbs
Run 400m
25 Wall Balls
25 Body Rows
25m KB Farmers Carry 53/35lbs
Run 400m
20 Wall Balls
20 Body Rows
20m KB Farmers Carry 53/35lbs

Cash Out
3 Sets

Front Squats @ 10X1; 6,6,5 reps
rest 30sec before 2

1-2 Warm-Up Sets
3 Working Sets
Set 1 – RPE 7/10
Set 2 – RPE 8/10
Set 3 – RPE 8/10


Durante Core:
3-5 sets:

1) Hollow Rocks (10 reps)
2) V Ups (10 reps)
3) Tuck Ups (10 reps)
4) Hollow Hold (10 sec)


2 Rounds

10 Cal Bike/Row/Ski

4 Devils Press

2 Wall Walks

10 Banded Upright Row

20 Pogo Lateral Jump (10/side)

Olympic Prep

1) 3 Snatch High Pull + 3 Muscle Snatch + 3 OHS
2) 3 Power Snatch + 3 Snatch Balance
3) 3 Snatch + 3 Snatch grip Push Press
4) 3 Spitz Snatch

Week 8: Skill/Speed Strength
Build up to a tough weight for this complex. Only the last 2 sets should feel challenging.

6 sets (every 2:00)

1 Segment Squat Snatch
1 Hang Squat Snatch Below Knee
1 Overhead Squat

Touch and Go Deadlift
3 Sets

8 TnG Reps
rest 2 min between sets
*Final Sets RPE 8/10 – 2 reps left in the tank

Progression Note – Touch and Go Deadlifts are a unique style of lifting. No tempo is provided, but that shouldn’t be free reign to get sloppy with your movement or out of control. Hold strong positions and even when RPE gets higher make sure your positions don’t fail.

Bike 1600/1280m
Overhead Squat 95/65lbs
Hang Snatch High Pull 95/65lbs
*9min Time Cap

Rest 4 Minutes after you finish Part 1 and then begin Part 2

Part 2
Every 2mins x 3 sets
12/10 Cal Bike
7 Hang Clean High Pull 95/65lbs
7 Thrusters 95/65lbs

Cash Out
Superset the following exercises for 2 sets. Rest 30 – 60 seconds between sets.

I. Barbell Lateral Lunge
2 x 6

Work at a moderately challenging weight in Week 1. Perform 10 reps per leg per set. Target 5lb increase / week.

II. DB OH Lateral Step Ups
2 x 10

Work at a moderately challenging weight in Week 1. Perform 6 reps total per set, alternating sides to complete all reps. Target 2.5kg – 5kg increase / week.
Uni-Lateral Dumbbell or KB Farmers Carry
2 x 100′

100 Feet of distance total per set. Walk 50 feet with Dumbbell in one hand, then switch to the other hand for the remaining 50 feet. Target 5lb increase / week.

Superset the following exercises for 2 sets. Rest 30 – 60 seconds between sets.

Lying DB External Shoulder Rotation
2 x 10

Work with a light to moderately challenging weight. Perform 10 reps per arm per set. You may not be able to increase weight each week.

Side Plank W/ SA Row
2 x 10

Perform 10 reps on each side per set.


*On all stretches. FOCUS, breathe deep, exhale slowly and sink into the stretch. I am sure the first 15-30 sec of the stretch will require some fidgeting, but once you find a good spot, relax deeply.

1) Twisted Cross x 1 min/side
*Aim to stretch from shoulder to opposite hip.
2) Prayer Stretch x 1 min
*Lean into the armpit to increase stretch sensation.
3) Passive Ring Hang x 1 min
*Support the feet as necessary to take load off of the shoulders.


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