Membership Hold Request
Sometimes life happens, and you need to take a short break from CrossFit. No problem, we understand. As a added benefit to your membership with us, we offer Membership Holds. To request a Membership Hold please carefully review all listed details below, and submit the form. We look forward to seeing you back in action here soon..
Membership Holds are $30.00/month billed reoccurring every 30 days. Holds may be less than 30 days, but are unable to be prorated. Holds are billed at the date of request. While on Hold you can attend up to 2 classes. You can take your account off hold at any time.
This form must be submitted 10 days, or more prior to the effective hold start date.
Memberships Holds are for vacation, illness, or injury, and may be implemented at anytime.
When you take your membership off hold. You will have the same number of classes and days remaining in the billing cycle & membership plan as you did before putting your account on hold.
I understand my membership expiration will be extend the exact amount of days my hold was in effect. (Example: Your membership start date was January 1st, 2019 and your membership expiration date is January 1st, 2020. You submit the form below and request a 10 day Membership Hold. Your new expiration date will now be January 10th, 2020.)