Friday, Mar 17, 2023
Warmup (7min Cap)
2 sets
1. Cardio 60sec – Bike/Row/Run/Ski/Sled Option

2. Shinbox Complex
-Shinbox Thoracic Rotation x 5/side
-Shinbox Goodmorning x 5/side

3. Passive Hang x 30-60 sec

*Shinbox Complex; Perform all 5 reps on one side of the thoracic rotation before moving to the next. For the good morning, you will switch back and forth between sides, as demonstrated in the video. Try to keep the low back in an arch position as you lean forward over the front leg.


Olympic Prep (5min Cap)
With empty bar:

5 Deadlift, 5 Bent-Over Rows, 5 Strict Press
5 Hang Power Clean, 5 Front Squat
5 Split Jerk, 10 Alternating Reverse Lunges w/ Bar Overhead (or front rack if OH is an issue)
5 Good Mornings, 5 Jumping Squats

Week 10: Full Clean Speed Strength

1.1.1 Clean (10sec Between reps)

Slowly build up in weight over the 12-minute time allotment. Your final set should be approximately 9/10 RPE.

Week 2: Push Press
Push Press

Week 1: Work at 65% of 1RM Clean & Jerk for 3×3.

Week 2: Apply target weight increase and complete 3×2.

Week 3: Apply target weight increase and complete 3×2.

Week 4: Work at 65% of 1RM Clean & Jerk for 3×2.

Target (10#) increase / week if work sets are above 100kg (220#).

Target (5#) increase / week if work sets are below 100kg (220#).


1) 2 Hang Power Cleans + 4 Deadlifts + 6 Bar Facing Burpees (185/125lbs)

2) 30-40 sec Ring Plank

3) 10 Wall Balls + 20-30 Double Unders

The goal is to complete the work on each minute in roughly 25-35 sec, leaving you 25-35 sec to rest before the next minute. If you are finding yourself going slower than this, then please reduce your reps or your weight.

*On all stretches. FOCUS, breathe deep, exhale slowly and sink into the stretch. I am sure the first 15-30 sec of the stretch will require some fidgeting, but once you find a good spot relax deeply.

1) Butterfly or Wtd Butterfly x 2 min
*Minimize rounding through the low back. Optional to support the back from a wall.
2) T Spine Can Opener x 2 min
*Allow the shoulders to rotate naturally and attempt to extend through the thoracic spine as much as possible.
3) Middle Split x 2 min
*Use hands on floor or elevated object to support yourself.
4) Shinbox Hip ER Stretch x 1 min/side
*Hinge from the hip, but maintain the arch in your low back to maximize stretch through the glutes.


Cash Out
Clean High Pull + 2 Low Hang Clean High Pulls

Week 1: Work at 90% of 1RM Clean & Jerk for 3 x 1+3.

Week 2: Apply target weight increase and complete 3 x 1+3.

Week 3: Apply target weight increase and complete 3 x 1+2.

Week 4: Work at 80% of 1RM Clean & Jerk for 2 x 1+2.

Target (10#) increase / week if work sets are above (242#).

Target (5#) increase / week if work sets are below (242#).

Superset for 2 sets. Rest 30 – 60 seconds between sets.

Dumbbell Lateral Lunge
2 x10

Single Leg Banded Hamstring Curl
2 x MAX

Gangster Walk
2 x 200 ft

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