Monday, Oct 28, 2019
Partner warmup *one person rows while the other works then switch

partner A) 500m row

partner B) AMRAP *slow steady pace
9 Wall Balls
6 KB swings
3 Burpees


2 rounds

1-arm Windmill 5/side
:60 sec Passive Hang
10m Quadruped Crawl
10sec Single Arm Ring Row Hold/arm

Snatch Lift off (knee) + Power Snatch

~60% (of full) 5 sets x 1 + 1 E90’s

Snatch + OHS (5 X 1 + 1)

E90’s X 5

40-30-20 Cal Row
10-6-4 Ring/Bar MU
40-30-20 Wall Balls
5 Devils Press

Cash Out
2 Rounds

Ring Push Up x RPE 7 ~3 in tank/set *one “one-thousand” pause in bottom

Ring Y-Raise x RPE 7 ~3 in tank/set *one “one-thousand” pause at top *select angle that allows for 8 reps @ a minimum at the given RPE

50 V-Ups

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