Thursday, Aug 8, 2019

20min to find a 1RM


1) 5 backward single Unders, 5 forward, 5 each leg forward, 10 DU

2) 10 kb good mornings + 5 KB deadlifts

3) Bottoms up KB Squats (32X1) x :30sec

4) :30sec Row

3 Rounds For Time

Row x 30 Cal
Double Under x 50-75-100
Sandbag Over Shoulder 50kg x IO

*then, for 5-15 Minutes (for quality):
l-arm Overhead Carry x ~30 Meters (light
by feel)
Ski x 60 Seconds@LISS
Opposing Limb Arch Hold x lO (5/side)
Bike x 60 Seconds@LISS

“Low Intensity Steady State”

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