Thursday, Sep 14, 2023
9am class is cancelled for the summer

2 sets (20 sec work/10 sec rest):

1) Air Squats
2) Push Ups
3) Strict Pull Ups/Ring Rows
4) Pistols
5) HS hold
6) Relaxed Hang
7) Hollow Hold

Part I
3 sets:

1) 30 reps Kipping (Beat) Swing
2) 5 Ring I-Y*


* Walk the rings forward to scale the I/Y – important to not bend the elbows. If you are bending the elbow or cannot hold the hollow, scale by walking forward.

Accumulate 15 reps of Arch/Hollow Tension Drill: slow&controlled

Part II
5 min of quality work (rest approx 15-20 sec between your sets)

Bar Muscle Up 3 Position Box Drill


Part III
3 sets:

1) 10 reps Shoulder Shrugs

2) The Disc Tap 5/arm

3) HS Walking Drill 5/arm

2 sets:

250/200m Row
50m Dual KB Front Rack Carry 53/35lb
8 Half Kneeling KB Windmill/arm 53/35lb
250/200m Row
8 Half Kneeling KB Windmill/arm 53/35lb
50m Dual KB Front Rack Carry 53/35lb
250/200m Row

Cash Out
Durante Core:

5 sets:

1) Hollow Rocks (10 reps)
2) V Ups (10 reps)
3) Tuck Ups (10 reps)
4) Hollow Hold (10 sec)


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