Tuesday, Sep 12, 2023
9am class is cancelled for the summer

*alternate through the first 2 movements for 3 sets of 10

1) Weighted ankle stretch

2) Seated pancake adductor barbell stretch.
• instead of the satic hold they show in the video, I want you to walk your hands out in each direction as you lean into the stretch and pause momentarily for each rep.

3) 2 x 5 Squat bounces into 5 Russian baby makers
• Stay on the balls of your feet as you bounce left and right, pushing your knees forward to stretch the ankles as you go in your Russian baby makers.

4) 20 reps of banded PVC passovers.
• Attach a light band to the pvc pipe as you pass over the head left and right, warming up the shoulder and traps for snatches.
● only go as far as behind the head do not over rotate into dislocates…

5) 10 reps your bottom position with a 1 sec pause in lockout of snatch grip sotts presses.

6) 10 OH squats with an empty bar working within your range of motion.

7) 5 Snatch balance with a narrow stance (feet together)

8) 5 Snatch grip presses.

9) 5 stiff leg muscle snatches from as far as your arms hang long.


RPE PVC Pipe x 5 reps
RPE PVC Pipe x 5 reps
RPE PVC Pipe x 5 reps


•start with feet directly behind rack posts and push into the rack to open up shoulders and push with legs to stand up. keep feet flat and don’t let your heels come up. move through the movement with control and work within your range of motion. As you progress, you can move your forward into a deeper position.


WARM UPS: 50%< 2-3 SETS

50 % x 3 reps
60 % x 3 reps
60 % x 3 reps



Full Snatch x 3 reps

Percentages based on your best Full Snatch.
Sets 1-2 – 55-65%
Sets 3-4 – 65-75%
Set 5-6 – 75-77.5%

Week 4: Bottom Up Stage Snatch
In Week 1, work at 60% of your 1RM Snatch for 4×1.

In Week 2, apply target weight increase and complete 4×1.

In Week 3, apply target weight increase and complete 4×1.

In Week 4, apply target weight increase and complete 4×1.

Target 10# increase / week if work sets are above (220#).

Target 5# increase / week if work sets are below (220#).

Target 2# increase / week if work sets are below (110#).


Round 1:
30 Goblet Squats 50/35
Run 400m
15 dB Snatch R
15 dB Snatch L
30 Bodyweight Walking Lunges

* Rest for 1min

Round 2:
20 Goblet Squats 50/35
Run 300m
10 dB Snatch R
10 dB Snatch L
20 Bodyweight Walking Lunges

* Rest for 1min

Round 3:
10 Goblet Squats 50/35
Run 200m
5 dB Snatch R
5 dB Snatch L
10 Bodyweight Walking Lunges

15 min TIME CAP – including rest from start to finish.

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