Wednesday, Oct 23, 2019
Three sets of:

Right-Arm Suitcase Deadlift & Hold x 5 reps @ 2115
Rotating Slams Ball (Right) x 10 Reps
Rest as needed
Left-Arm Suitcase Deadlift & Hold x 5 reps @ 2115
Rotating Slam Ball (Left) x 10 Reps

Squat Prep
Couch Stretch (Left/Right) for 30 seconds
Use a Glute Band for remainder of warm up.
Squats with Band x 10 reps
Forward and Backward Walk with Band x 1 0 yrds
Squatted Lateral Walk with Band x 1 0 yrds (Left/Right)
Barbell Squats (keep weight light) x 1 0 reps


dual KB deadlifts
15m Farmers Carry
Slam Balls
15 Farmers Carry

FRONT SQUAT *20 min Cap

Work to 80% of your I RM Front Squat for a single.

Then decrease the weight for 2×2.
For Drop Sets 2×2, decrease weight by I0kg (22#)

Cash Out
db box jump 4 x 5

seated box jump 4 X 5

100 plank taps

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